Locker 203

Math and Robotics

Algebra 1 Locker

Find the mistake – For 9/7

Distance between two points game – math games

Algebra mobiles


Function labs


Spurious correlations


Meat-A-Morphosis: An introduction to functions

Mystery Soda Machine

Number line

Interactive number line – Math Learning Center

Interactive algebra tiles

virtual algebra tiles


Teaching Slope – Math in the Middle

Three Act Math

Cup stacking (Dan Meyer)

Paper stacking (Tap into Teens Minds)

Domino Effect – Mathalicious

Coin problems

Online text

Perfection Learning Algebra 1 Companion Website

Big Ideas math




Linear inequalities

Tic Tac Toe

Systems of equations

Counting candy – Tap into Teen Minds

Piling up Systems of Linear Equations – Tap into Teen Minds

Systems balance scales – number talk

Systems puzzles (substitution)

GeoGebra balance scales

Literal equations

Connect 4 – Math by the Mountain


Treasure hunt with slopes

Parallel / Perpendicular Lines

Parallel Consequence? Geogebra

Mrs. Williams is “Off on a Tangent” Foldable

Parallel lines – Desmos

Slopes of parallel and perpendicular lines – Desmos

Parallel and perpendicular lines and slopes – Desmos


Quadratics “Angry Birds”project resource 1 (The Secondary Classroom can be fun too)

Quadratics “Angry Birds”project resource 2 (Mr. Orr is a geek)

Quadratics “Angry Birds”project resource 3 (Ms. Barrios)

Catapult – sweeneymath

Exponential functions

Exponential functions – Ted Ed “How Folding Paper…”

Exponential functions – “Twitter for math nerds”

Exponential functions – ping pong balls in mouse traps

Problem solving

TED ed riddles

Lure of the Labyrinth

Mountain goat hopscotch

Play With Your Math


Filing cabinet  (Mr. Orr is a geek)

PBL Collection (Robert Kaplinsky)

New Jersey Center for Teaching and Learning


Question Stack Repository



Kahoots! repository – Yenca

Algebra Regents Prep

Mathbits – written lessons and practice

Khan Academy – video lessons and online practice

NYSED- Past regents exams

Review videos

Quadratic videos

Graphing from standard form

Graphing from vertex form (wowmath)

Solve by completing the square

Solve using the quadratic formula

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