Locker 203

Math and Robotics

Integrated Math 2

Function machines

Function machine game

Slope as rate of change

Traffic: Velocity

Distance -time graph interactive

Slope as rate of change – race Mr. Orr is a Geek

Practice Videos

Measuring angles

Khan Academy collection


Interactivate: Transmographer

Translation of shapes

Reflection over a line

Reflect over axis

Rotation on a point

Rotation on a point ws

Rotation around origin

Multiple transformations

Multiple transformations


Classroom Chef

UEN Interactives


13 Days of Spooky Math Challenges – Mashup Math

5 Days of Fall Math Challenges – Mashup Math

Week by week essentials

Petals around the rose game

Which one doesn’t belong

Thinking games

First week of school ideas – math = love

Equation solving

Jeopardy game – Multi step equations

Balancing scales to solve equations – PBS

Number line

Interactive number line – Math Learning Center

Distance on Coordinate Plane

Math grids


Unendurable line – The Kid Should See 

Graphing stories –

Graph That Motion Interactive – the Physics Classroom

Graphing stories – dy/dan

Functions/ linear equations

Proportional relationships

Tech Weigh In – 3 Act Math  Tap into Teen Minds


Fraction talks   squares 01

Scientific notation

5 Awesome 8th Grade Scientific Notation Activities – Mashup Math

Scientific Notation Practice Activities – Math=Love

Square roots / squares

Approximating square roots video – PBS

Estimate square roots game – Mathopolis

Understanding and estimating square roots – Desmos

Perfect square game show loss video

Pythagorean Theorem

Interactive notebook pages – Mrs. Hester’s Classroom

Pythagorean theorem ideas – Mrs. Hester’s Classroom

Pythagorean theorem water demo

General resources

middle school lessons –

Kahoots! repository – Yenca

Interactive notebooks – Everybody is a genius

Math in the news

Songwriting mystery – NPR

Fibonacci percussion – NPR

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