Locker 203

Math and Robotics

Integrated Math 1

Maths Glossary in Chinese – British Council


Week by week essentials

VDOE resources

Khan Academy Collection

UEN Interactives


probability games

Three Act Math

Fast Clapper – proportions (Tap into teen minds)

How Big is the 2010 Guatemalan Sinkhole (Kaplinsky) – volume

Order of operations

Order of operations bingo – NCTM Illuminations

Order of operations game –

Translating verbal expressions

Words into math block game – Cheesemonkey

Translating verbal expressions activities – The Algebra Toolbox

Similar figures

Similar figures slide show

Corresponding parts of similar figures – CK 12

Fractions, decimals, percent

Matching game -nrich

Fractions, decimals and Percentages – nrich

It’s a Match! Fractions, Decimals and Percent – The Math Nook

Estimating – Calvin’s Clearance – Tap into Teen Minds

Fractions, decimals and percent (Use for number talk)



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