Locker 203

Math and Robotics

Programming 1


Scratch project tutorials

Scratch animate your name tutorial

Scratch tessellation example

LEGO EV3 Robot

carnegie Mellon Robotics Academy – Online Version: Introduction to Programming

Building instruction – driving base

Building instruction – for home edition


Graph paper programming

accelerated course student access

accelerated course guest access

Code Combat

Code combat student account

Programming/ logic puzzles



Cool Robot Videos

Robot / plant

CIMON – space robot

Sand flea jumping robot – Boston Dynamics

Garbage collecting robot – CITYLAB

Robot stunt double

Boston Dynamics Atlas – backflip

Microbots pull a car – bdmlstanford

Hovering robot dragon – shapeshifts (The kid should see this)

RoboCup Federation

Robot origami – MIT

Introducing SpotMini – Boston Dynamics

Soft Robots – Nature video

Festo’s Fantastical Flying Robots – IEEE Spectrum

Warehouse robots


Cheetah (The kid should see this)

Handle (The kid should see this)

Salto (UC Berkeley) – UCTV

A Swarm of One Thousand Robots – IEEE Spectrum

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